Honouring the darkness


März 14, 2021


4:30 pm


Honoring the darkness: community for troubled times

We are at the end of a year full of changes, losses and farewells.
The world and our lives are no longer as we knew them. Almost everyone has something to mourn about: a life that has in some ways stopped or changed, people we can’t meet at moment, things that have not been possible for a long time. But above all, there is no room to express this pain in a shared space.

Crises and fundamental changes belong to our human history. Our ancestors used to gather with developed social techniques and rituals in order to face these challenges. As a community, they were a container that transformed both the individual and collective pain. We don’t have that at the moment. So we are called and challenged to create such a container and such a community under these special conditions.

Our vision

In a time of isolation and loneliness, we call for people to create with us an online community that holds and transforms the pain that we have within us and which surrounds us. Pain belongs to all of us and together we can transmute it such that our pain becomes everyone’s growth.

Our challenge

What we want to do and create is so far unknown. Grief needs a safe, trusting environment and a supportive community that is physically present. We are challenged by the fact that we cannot share the space and cannot directly offer each other physical support in these restricted times. Therefore we have to adapt our social techniques and rituals to the circumstances and experiment in online platforms.

What & How

„Welcoming the darkness“  is a regular online gathering for the dark days and times, initiated by Ulrike Reimann and Tuomas Rounakari . (experienced grief practitioners and scholars of ancient grief techniques)

The aim of our online gathering is to embrace and experience the dark times with all the loss and farewells.
We establish a culture that listens deeply, so that we can bear witness to each other as individuals and as members of a global humanity.

We create a container for the experience of mourning and transformation.
Our foundation is built on ancient knowledge and cultural techniques for the transformation of grief. We will be with grief; we feel it, see it, sing, paint, and share it with others.

Because grief and its wisdom belongs to everyone: part of this project is also the creation of a library of grief techniques, experiences, and knowledge – that will be accessible to all of us.


The meeting takes place three times a month.
We ask for a contribution of 10€ – 40€

Ulrike Reimann (Emotionskultur) and Tuomas Rounakari are grief practitioners with many years of experience and knowledge.

Please register at least 12 hours before the event!
You will receive a letter that will help you to get prepared for our gathering. 

Das tut uns Leid, diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


Total Seats: 80


  • März 14, 2021 4:30 pm - März 14, 2021 - 6:30 pm
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